Artistic Nail Design - Colour Gloss product launch REVIEW

Monday, March 12, 2012

The last 2 days we were graciously asked by Concept JP to represent their new line of LED gel polish products  : Artistic Nail Design- COLOR GLOSS at the Montreal ABA beauty show. Since we had a chance to try out most of the colors and really test them on a variety of clients I thought I'd share our positive experience with any of your who may be looking to purchase some new gel polish products. I rarely review products unless I really like something as I'm sure you know :)

Artistic nail lamp REVEW:

Firstly the lamp is black, it's LED lasts up to 50,000 hours and gives a nice uniform cook. Soooo much faster than the UV lams. It goes 10seconds for base and 30 seconds for others. I'm told they ll be an 18G lamp out next week we'll try may even e faster!!! Now for nail artists this is great cuz you can quickly freeze any marble designs or other effects quickly. The sensors are a bit hard to get used to especially for fidgeting clients but you can trick the sensor by waving your finger inside etc,.. Remember the 2 thumbs can cook at once instead of individually - this works best.

Color Gloss Color Review: 

Most of the colors we tried were amazingly opaque and easy to apply, of course if you follow the instructions and do a correct nail prep before hand! 

Colors and combos to die for: 

  • HOTNESS (red glitter) over FOXY ( super bright red)! - amazing blingy red!
Hotness layered over red was a crowd favorite at the ABA show !

  • POSH - a sexy nude perfect for spring and super opaque - yes!
  • SWAG - Ok gel polish in black that cures properly is hard to find (we've tried almost all brands,...) thats' due to the high pigmentation.
  • HALO - min opalescent glitters you can layer over any color for a cool icy effect which is hot for this spring 2012 season.
  • ALL THE RAGE - a nice trendy solid grey tone - so fashion.
  • TRIST - super nice opaque ht pink! - so CANDY

Overall product review:

Ok so here is a quick a pic of one of the looks I did on my model at the show to give you some nail art ideas!

If you're a salon owner like me you understand how frustrating it can be to invest in new lines promising an easy application and soak-off,....and then finding colors that don't cook uniformly, bubble, don;t shine or are plainly too expensive,....or worse they don't last or are long and hard to remove! We found the products easy to apply, super fast to work with, we layered glitter, acrylic paint etc,..with no wiping or messy results and the soak-off went great with no excessive scraping needed!At Candy Nail Bar we love nail art so we are always ready to try new products that have artistic potential. I strongly recommend this brand to anyone looking to offer gel mani services at their salon or who already do and want to offer some new fashionable shades you don;t see in other lines.

ARTISTIC NAIL DESIGN Color Gloss gel polishes are distributed in Canada by :

(Thanks to Melanie Villeneuve and the team for inviting us to the show)

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  1. Awesome nail designs, Last week my wife try powder nail design and talking about it full day, Now i am going to suggest her this design.


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